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37 Plant-Based Eats™

    Get ready to be inspired with this gluten-free, plant-based recipe book that your entire family will love! Discover 37 healthy and delicious new recipes plus a bonus 2-week meal planner and shopping lists! 


    37 Plant Based Eats

    Discover a collection of 37 simple and delicious gluten-free plant-based recipes. 

    Including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sweet treats plus a 2-week meal plan and shopping lists so you don't have to worry about what meals to prepare!

    In fact, these recipes are so delicious that even the pickiest eaters will love them!

    Recipes include curries, veggie dips, salads, Thai, stews, burgers, pasta dishes, stir-fries, pancakes, smoothies, energy balls, cakes, muffins and cookies.

    The Recipes Are:

    • Soy-free

    • Corn-free

    • Refined sugar-free

    • Gluten-free

    • Dairy-free

    • Plant-based

    • Low fat 

    • Low salt

    • Vinegar free

    • Fermented free

    • Caffeine-free

    • Nutritional yeast free

    Some of my favorite recipes include:

    • Carrot Pancakes with Almond Caramel

    • Liver Rescue Smoothie Bowl

    • Green Pea & Mint Dip

    • Quinoa Tabbouleh

    • Vegan 'Tuna' Salad

    • Potato & Sundried Tomato Salad

    • Sweet Potato, Quinoa & Bean Burgers

    • Red Sweet Potato Curry

    • Sweet & Sour Stirfry

    • Pad Thai

    • Vegan Bolognese

    • Spicy Cauliflower & Chickpea Bowl

    • Spirulina Balls

    • Lemon Berry Cheesecake

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